About Virtuously Virtual Project

As part of the actions promoted by the Erasmus + Programme for the exchange between schools, it is intended to propose the application for the project "Virtually_Virtuosi", which will take place presumably from September 2020 to August 2022, 24 months.

The partnership consists of 3 Italian and 3 European schools (Portugal, Sweden, Turkey), which intend to promote innovative good practices according to the following horizontal priorities of the Programme:

  • - Consolidate the profile of the teaching profession by supporting teachers in the development of innovative teaching and assessment methods, in particular, to promote competence-based teaching and learning, primarily digital, intercultural and citizenship-based learning.
  • - Strengthen the development of key competences (in line with the 2018 Council Recommendation for lifelong learning) by promoting inter-curricular collaboration, creativity and innovative learning approaches and environments, helping teachers in the delivery of competence based teaching and in the development of assessment and validation of key competences.

The project will be articulated in several direct mobility actions - transnational meetings and in-presence training events - and indirect mobility actions using platforms, mainly eTwinning and in the case of socials.
Teachers and pupils from all schools of the partnership will be involved, according to the shared selection criteria that will participate in:

  • - Direct mobility: transnational meetings - LTTA, 3 days
  • - Virtual Mobility: eTwinning classes, seminars, conference call

The numbers and characteristics of the participants are defined by the project team according to transnational meetings: teachers from each of the partner schools, chosen according to their availability, motivation and role in the project (e.g. digital animators, eTwinning teachers, specific instrumental functions on European design), school leaders. Students will be involved in three LTTAs (Italy, Portugal, Turkey)

The focus of the project is based on the innovation of learning environments, with particular reference to the type of resources and didactical strategies suitable for learners in an intergenerational perspective. It is internationally known that the revolution that has taken place in recent years regarding new ways of learning concerns above all the places of learning: from technological classrooms, Classroom 3.0 for example, to BYOD - Bring Your Own Device classrooms, to upturned classrooms, up to pilot experiences that have seen the integrated use of methods and approaches, through the pedagogical support of Media Literacy.

The "V_V" project aims to provide all the beneficiaries with the opportunity to compare good practices in place in their schools and propose new ones, to be tested during the two years of the project, in order to make them exportable, even beyond the planned 24 months. Digital Animators will be involved in Italian schools and in European schools local experts in the use of ICT to coordinate the launch and consolidation of pilot experiences, which will then be shared, exported and collected in a permanent digital archive of effective practices.

The training of teachers will also be fundamental, both for those who will participate in direct mobility and for those who will be virtually connected with partner schools. The training will be on the field - job shadowing activities - and blended, using chat rooms, platforms and all the resources that the partners will make available to each other, in order to consolidate distance learning experiences, to be used not only in extraordinary contexts like the current one.

The students' mobility will be both virtual and direct, focusing on laboratory activities both in presence and at a distance, using eTwinning, already known in the partner schools, as well as a communication tool during the drafting of the "V_V" project.

An eTwinning team will be created that will have relevant roles and tasks in promoting virtual teaching/learning activities, as examples of good practices.

During the 24 months of life of the "V_V" project the partners will - They will create the project site, opening a virtual space inside it that will archive materials and proposals, accessible and exportable, a fundamental resource for a constant and updated dissemination.

  • - New eTwinning classes will be activated, also with the contribution of local experts, eTwinning Ambassadors
  • - They will participate in training/informative events
  • - They will use socials and any other interactive means to communicate in real time, monitoring the state of the art of the project, with Conference Call, virtual work groups, digital archives
  • - They will share the organization of the meetings in presence, monitoring risks, supporting each other